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Why we woman have to stick together? The question is the answer, because we are women.

Das Projekt #EinefürAlle soll zeigen, dass Frauen gemeinsam viel erreichen können. Internes Womenbashing steigt und diese Arbeit ist die klare Antwort darauf: *I see all my Sisters together and i see them united*

Zusammenhalt statt Riesenspalt! Ja, wir sind unterschiedlich, aber ist das nicht ein Grund, um erst recht Hand in Hand durch diese Welt zu gehen und zu zeigen, dass unsere Weiblichkeit Gemeinsamkeit genug ist, damit jede von uns für alle anderen steht? (Vorschauvideo: #EineFürAlle)

Focusing on bringing each other´s confidence, strength and autonomy up and not pushing it down seems to be the first step, by growing up together in a world, that has been changed and that makes it hard to be a self-confident and successful woman. We need to support one another in life and in working life and it´s absolutely essential doing that every day at any time. By realizing that there are enough rumours surrounding us on a daily basis, we will notice and understand that we don´t need to add to this. So, what's woman holding back? Nowadays women are educated, strong, we are our empires queens and sexually independent, can decide if we concentrate ourselves on careers or to start planning a family, etc…. – the number of options and possibilities has grown, but there are still obstacles we can´t overcome hardly in a world that’s 90% leaders are men. Since generations we try to break into paternalistic and totally men dominated systems with the aim to reach equality between men and women, while we have to admit, that the measures like a “token woman” and totally different argued and realized diversity managements just have changed a minimal part of acceptance of women in higher positions in bigger companies. The question which arises, therefore, is why feminism has failed and created that wrong understanding of being a feminist means to be against men as a declared image of enemy? And why we allowed that while we tried to reach the higher level of equality between all human beings in the name of feminism without any gendering? For me as an aspiring lawyer, as a woman, sister, daughter and a friend, it is tragically to admit, that the answer to the question includes an admission of all women on all over the world, that we are still our biggest friends and enemies. While we are fighting against prejudices, sexism, racism, political repression and social oppression, women often compete to each other which make a successful cohesion more difficult. It is true that men are expected to possess a healthy competitive instinct while women are forced to compete to two different genders, but we have to understand that solidarity is a really important base for a successful progression within a society that is still dominated by male leaders and entrepreneurs. As a young woman, who has grown up in Vienna in-between two different cultures, Austrian and Turkish, travelled to more than 60 countries, in the last 4 years, I had the chance to see different lifestyles, perspectives and family constructions, what I truly understood is, that it doesn´t matter where you come from and where you are living, as a woman, you always have to explain yourself and fight for the same rights which are usual for men. The cornerstone of a society is a free life that allows humans to live as they prefer, but what happens, when we all allow a system, to be stereotyped and reduced on clichés? And that is the main problem; we start to difference people, reduce them on their origins, let clichés leading through life and make categorising opinions possible. Especially in countries with conservative societies it is truly hard for men and women, but always harder for the female part, because they are confronted everyday with restrictions and oppressive rules. What we have to accept is, that this problems are obvious and we all are able to see them, because the world has become smaller, we know what people are feeling and living through; social media has opened doors, we can change the world, by making more dialogues possible without reducing another person on external characteristics, origin, gender or any other personal preferences. Especially in a world that’s political progression makes is it harder to live a peaceful life I would therefore appeal for us to consider, that especially women have the power and empathy to make world a better place to live and in every mothers hand lies the very future of the world, the change to grow up a child, that’s able to make following generations sure about, that it doesn’t matter, if you are black or white, fat or thin, MAN or WOMAN, it is all about being a human being and to FIGHT FOR THAT RIGHT!

Fotocredit: Asma AIAD

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